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(402) 614-4504

(402) 614-4504

Learn How to:
  • Get your CCW Permit (Nebraska and Iowa)
  • Stay Alive (Win the Gun Fight)
  • Stay out of Prison (What to Say to Police)
  • Keep Your House, Money, and Retirement (Reduce Civil Liability)
  • Protect Your Home and Family (Locks, Doors, Fencing, Lights, and Alarms)
  • React to an Active Shooter (Run, Hide, Fight)
Home Office     4504 South 16th St.    Omaha, NE 68107
Classroom:     4505 S. 17th Street     Omaha, NE 68107

 Garage Door Entrance on East Side of House



Classes Offered:

NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home plus Nebraska CCW

$140  8 hours+



100 Rounds

Classroom Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm, Range on Sunday for about one hour.

Nebraska permit is good in about 30 states.  This class also satisfies many states non-resident training requirements.

Refund Policy: NO REFUNDS

If you are unable to attend due to an emergency and you let us know as soon as possible, you MAY at OUR DISCRETION be allowed one "rain check" date.  A no call / no show will not get a rain check.

On November 29th, 2006, Patrick Smith (Gun-Safe Academy) became the first person certified to teach the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit course (CCW).

To enroll in the Nebraska CCW (NRA Personal Protection at Home) class you can mail the form and check for $140 to the address listed above. This fee is for training only. The CCW permit application to the State of Nebraska is $100 for five years.  


1)     A pistol, semi-automatic with at least two-6 round magazines, or a double action revolver that holds at least 5 rounds- 2 speed loaders are encouraged, any caliber.

2)     A minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition.
3)     A strong side hip holster and a belt. (no cross draw or shoulder holsters)

What this means is that you must have a holster than holds the gun on your hip on the side of your dominant (shooting) hand.  If you shoot left handed, it must hold the gun on your left hip.  If you shoot right handed, it must hold the gun on your right hip.

4)     A signed liability waiver (provided at classroom). 
5)     A Nebraska State Photo ID, or driver's license, or Military ID.

The gun you qualify with does NOT have to be the gun you carry. If you arrive at the range with a gun that does not meet the above requirement you will NOT be allowed to shoot. If your gun malfunctions repeatedly, or is deemed un-safe by the instructor, you will not be allowed to shoot. The staff will allow the student to return to the next regular range day for one make up shoot.

All participants will complete all requirements for the NRA Personal Protection in the Home Course AND the Nebraska CCW requirements. This makes the class an excellent value. The training allows the student to build on the NRA training with the nine hour level one, Personal Protection Outside the Home (CCW), and the five hour level two Personal Protection Outside the Home classes.  

Both members of  Gun-Safe Academy's teaching staff are NRA certified firearms instructors and certified by the State Of Nebraska to teach the CCW course.  Both instructors are commissioned notaries that will notarize your State Patrol application for FREE, and both are trained nurses equipped with gun shot trauma kits at each range fire exercise. No one is better prepared for an emergency.

NO AMMO IN CLASS!! You may not bring the firearm or ammo to the classroom.  All students will receive a phone call or e-mail to confirm class dates after enrollment form and payment are processed.  The course fee must be paid two weeks in advance if paying by check.  Cash payments may also be accepted if prior arrangements are made. We DO NOT accept credit cards.


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