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Authored by Mr. Patrick Scott Smith

The Militia Rising is a political and military thriller detailing the history of the militia movement in the U.S., and their fictional response to a rogue president.
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Nov 07 2012

1480279781 / 9781480279780


US Trade Paper

6" x 9"


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Fiction / War & Military

Introduction to the Reader

The Militia Rising: Civil War 4 is a political and military thriller detailing the history of the militia movement in the United States, and their fictional response to the aggression of a rogue president. The book is ground breaking in that the characters in the conflict record video dairies and commentaries that they post on “You Tube”,  I will film and link actual “You Tube” videos to illustrate the story. The content of the “You Tube” videos will be important to the story but will NOT be included in the written text. I do not know of any fiction writer doing anything like this before. The videos will be linked to our real life militia site,

The book will be organized in three main parts:

Part 1: Historical prologue, this will explain the history leading up to the battle to restore the Constitution. It includes actual American history, and perspective from the main character Colonel Patrick Smith. It will also introduce several important characters and give their personal histories. I use the names and likenesses of many people I know and have served with (with their permission). The main character bears my own name and shares much of my own personal history, but these are fictional images meant to reflect many perspectives, they are not biographical.

Part 2: This is the main story, told as a diary of Col. Smith. Much information will be relayed as it is told to Col. Smith. Col. Smith is not the president, a diplomat, or a general and is not part of the political discussions, so the details of events he does not personally witness are what he hears on the news or what is reported to him.

Part 3: This part of the book is Col. Smith’s recommendations to militia leaders. This is the “how to” part of the book. Much of this information will be taken from US Government sources like the CDC or Homeland security; how to prepare for emergencies. The focus will be on preparing yourself and your family for the worst case scenario. The book does NOT advocate any unlawful action and does not advocate the overthrow of the US government; rather it warns that if we do not stand up for the constitution now, with our vote and our money, we may have to fight for it later.

I use some names of public figures, I never intend any defamation; I intend praise for their work. I use a fictional president, and again do not advocate any unlawful action. I hope you enjoy the book (and the videos!).     



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